Hola, everyone! Another brief post today, as it’s currently half one the night before this page goes live, and I’ve been somewhat caught up in staying late at work, failing miserably to keep to exercise and dietary regimens, and not having enough actual downtime to not be horribly distracted while working on the next Elf Blood page! Just as well I’ve got a buffer, eh? 😛

Anyways, thanks for the interest in Mei Wu so far, guys! It encourages me and affirms that I’m doing something worthwhile that you’ll enjoy!

Anyway, I should probably dash off to bed; Another lengthy day of work, followed by catching up on Elf Blood illustration I didn’t manage to complete tonight looms ahead! On the plus side, it’s the first Friday after payday, which means pizza. Pepperoni, ham, olives. Mmmm.

Catch you all again on Monday!