Allo all! Despite my incredible busy-ness in the last week or so (which has seen MB!! Magazine lying, unupdated) I have managed to find a little bit of time to get some gaming in with my mates. They’ve finally convinced me to come back to DayZ, after I left it a few months ago due to some complete asshattery on the parts of some other survivors.

I must say, the game is still quite tense, and with the addition of axes as melee weapons, exploring through zombie-infested country is a lot easier. I’ve not yet encountered any other survivors, but every moment is a tense waiting game; You just never know when that bullet is coming for you. Fortunately, I’ve JUST acquired a new long rifle, and we’re now travelling in a pack so I feel a little bit safer in-game, now.

I think the amount of complete morons playing the game has decreased somewhat: The value of killing newly-spawned players, now that they spawn with NOTHING AT ALL, has been significantly reduced so the phenomenon of so-called bean bandits waiting at spawn points to rob people of their baked beansĀ  seems to have died a death. The removal of global chat seems to have paid off too, since new players run less risk of stupidly broadcasting their location, and there is no longer a method by which people wishing to be complete prats can grief others.

So, long story short: DayZ is still worth playing! Although I’ve become enamoured of another ArmA 2 mod, Escape From Chernarus: Basically, you get plopped down SOMEWHERE in Chernarus, have to overpower your guards , and locate and reach the extraction point. It’s pretty good fun if you have mates to play it with!

Anyways, enjoy today’s page, and I’ll see you all again on Monday!