It’s great to be back and drawing Elf Blood again! I think the couple of weeks away did me some real good, even if it was interspersed with a little technical difficulty! I feel refreshed and eager to draw the brand spanking new storyline, which I hope you’ll all enjoy!

I hope you guys enjoyed the postcards I put up while I was away. Hong Kong is a place that means a hell of a lot to me, and I enjoy going back there not just for the good weather and the good food, but because it’s a city that’s part of me and my personal character. For the relatives I don’t get to see very often, my super-smart cousins, my generous and kind-hearted aunts and uncles. My mui-mui is growing up so fast, and she’s adorable 🙂

Maybe one day I’ll wind up back there, working. Hey, anything can happen, am I right? 😀 I also brought you all back a present (of sorts): While I was in Hong Kong, I spun out an idea I had for a later storyline of Elf Blood into a whole other comic series of its own. It’s called Mei Wu, and it’s about the Chinese version of the Nine-Tailed Fox spirit legends (The Japanese stole their Kitsune from us. We, in turn, apparently stole the idea from the Indians). It’s more Urban Fantasy, and I suspect that if you like Elf Blood you’ll love Mei Wu! I’m looking to publish it in print in a year’s time, so keep yourself updated here!

Right, bedtime. Turns out a family friend from HK runs a pub nearby, so I think I’ll stop in there for my dinner later. It’s good to be connected 😀 And sincerely, thanks for sticking with the comic through the database problems. You have no idea how encouraged I was to see you all still checking out the comic while it was on a temporary solution. You guys rock 🙂