Hey gang! Frankly, I’m amazed that I somehow managed to get this page completed for today, given how busy this week’s been. It’s not the BEST page I’ve ever done, but at least it keeps the flow going, and I won’t start off the weekend feeling grumpy that I’d let you all down!

I WAS originally going to have something a little more plausible for panel 1, but then I thought “No, this is a science-fantasy action comic. Go for the spectacle, adherence to ultra realism isn’t this comic’s bag.” I think it turned out alright. Perhaps it stretches your willing suspension of disbelief a bit more than if Merope simply stood on top of of one of the guns, but it’s certainly a much more entertaining visual, I believe!

Anyway, best dash – I shall catch you all again on Monday, for more Elf Blood shenanigans! Cheery-bye for now!