Y’know, when I don’t get to deliver you comic pages on time, it really does get to me. I absolutely love doing the webcomic. It’s not just a practice piece to me, it’s a story that I’ve been working on for the best part of a decade now, with characters who are an integral part of my personality and psyche. And knowing that you guys are reading it really makes it all worthwhile, that I’ve been able to entertain you for so long!

After the annoyances and hassles of my day job the last week or two, it’s been great to just sit back down at my drawing board and crack on with the comic. It feels like getting back to being me, like I’ve been outside of myself for a while. I’m hoping my routine resets itself to normal until the next big disruption in February (and hopefully not sooner than that). I’m desperate to finish off the Horror Buffet shorts so I can get them to print and start attending conventions and whatnot next year – something I constantly tell myself, but never quite get round to. But I’ve got some real motivation now, with some great people, and I’ve got some successes under my belt now to shore up my confidence.

It’s good to be back, folks. And long may it continue 🙂