Well, I’ve been threatening it for a while now, and I’ve finally gone and done it! One of the projects I’d been working on during my recent holiday was to tart up my Twitch channel and actually start streaming. And I have been!

If you’re interested in watching me draw stuff (and listen to some hand-picked CC-licensed music from the good folks at the Free Music Archive), then tune into my streams at http://www.twitch.tv/maothecat! Twitch also stores videos, so you don’t have to be on at the same time that I’m streaming to watch – though if you are, you get to chat with me!


Seriously though, I’d love to see you guys watching! You don’t have to stay for the whole thing – most people dip in and out for a few minutes at a time, just keeping up with how the page is progressing. I’ve also started using twitter again, so give me a shout @ChrisLauManson if you’re on there! I’ll be announcing streams on there, but if you follow me on Twitch you’ll get auto-notified when a stream goes live. I won’t just be doing art streams on Twitch, though – I’ll be doing Let’s Plays as well, and from time to time you’ll find me playing various games with my friends. Usually at the weekend, of course 🙂

Do say hello through Twitch or through Twitter! In the meantime, enjoy today’s page and I’ll see you on Monday!