In between all my varying comic projects and work, I’ve been trying to get back into my prose-writing groove. While I still love writing my post-cyberpunk crime story whenever I can, I also dashed down something quickly just to capture an idea. I have an idea for writing a story about modern fae, tying it in with allegories about the creative life. Somebody at the writing group recently read out a story that she had written in the second-person, and it was fantastically engaging; the thing with first and third person is that you are essentially being told about another person. With second-person, you are being told about YOU, as if your senses are reporting back to your brain.

This sparked an idea; second person can be used not only to tell a story, but it can be used to heighten the perception of sense as well, which serves me quite well. It fits in with the idea of being a faerie creature that you would be able to experience the world in a much richer way than ordinary humans. There’s a difference between being told that a character sees the sunrise, or being told that you look to the east, feeling the warm rays of the majestic, golden sun grasp their ways across the rich viridian landscape to caress your cheeks.

Okay, so there’s a bit of work to be done in getting things more succinct, but it’s got legs, even if just as an experiment! Anyway, the work week begins again shortly, so I’d best be scuttling off now. Enjoy today’s Extra! It’s all about the meeralfs, and how they came to be. Backstory, woo!