I’m not going to give him too much publicity here, but a certain well-known ‘pick-up artist’, famous for publishing books detailing ways in which one could coerce women into sleeping with them, and for his horrendous stance that rape of a woman should be legal on private property, has been forced to flee with his tail tucked between his legs.

He had been organising meetings of his lunk-headed ‘neo-masculine’ followers, secretive, childish affairs involving passcodes and laughable threats of retribution against ‘non-believers’ where MEN could discuss and share ideas about being MANLY and tips on how to force women to sleep with them. One of these meetups was (very unwisely) situated in my good ol’ hometown of Glasgow.

Glasgow is a city that has had its problems. It has had a track record for violence and discrimination. And perhaps that is why the reaction against these meetups was so strong and immediate – we’ve seen it all before. And we weren’t going to put up with any of this shite. Scottish Twitter absolutely lit up with epithets, tirades, and outright threats aimed squarely at the organiser and his followers, while the ‘neo-masculinists’ feebly flapped back with protests that their right to Freedom of Speech was being violated.

If any of these pathetic bastards is for some reason are reading this – The minute you concern yourself with robbing anyone, ANYONE, of their free will and freedom from violence and violation, you have given up your right to freedom of speech.

Such was the volume of righteous fury that the organiser sent out possibly the most hilarious tweet I’ve ever seen:

“I’ve received more threats from Glasgow than anywhere else combined. Is it some kind of convict resettlement zone?”

At which point everyone in Glasgow and surrounding areas turned to each other, grinned, and shouted “YAAAAAAS!”

Within hours, he announced the cancellation of these gathering events, on the grounds that he ‘could not guarantee the safety of attendees’. Imagine that. A pro-rape activist worried about peoples’ personal safety.

As I mentioned in my NeonPOP! post, I suspect they’ve just gone to ground. This is where the real battle begins – These bastards may have been temporarily cowed, but there are much greater misogyinistic and misandric threats out there. I can’t stand the fact that there were somehow enough of these pricks in Glasgow to justify holding a meetup here. People need to be shown, educated, and in certain cases corrected about respecting other people, their freedom of choice, and the simple fact that other human beings have feelings, rights, and opinions too.

Phew! That was a bit of a rant. Anyways. Catch you all again on Monday for more Elf Blood, and maybe that second detailed article that I’ve been promising you for weeks!