Hola amigos!

I do try and make these posts as informative or thought-provoking as possible (when they don’t just spiral into rants about whatever I’m currently annoyed at), but this time round I thought I’d just muse on stuff that has entertained me this week!

I think I’ve discovered a new medium that I desperately want to explore. Black foamboard, meet white gel pen and acrylic pen. IT IS SO SATISFYING TO DRAW ON. With the gel pen, you can get some really nice sketch effects, while the acrylic pen gives a mighty, well-defined and bold stroke useful for doing thick outlining. Plus, the starkness of the white on the black background really helps what you’ve drawn stand out; because people are so used to black on white for sketches, it really draws attention when you invert that.

I’d acquired samples of these initially for a work event, but I swear I’m going to buy more black foamboard to do some other artwork as soon as I get into town tomorrow!

… I think it’s safe to say that I am unreasonably excited about this. Results on Monday 😀