It’s a commonly known fact that ideas in themselves are useless; all that matters is the execution. And of course, there is a certain grain of truth in this. For if an idea remains an idea, it resides solely within the mind of the creator, and potentially anyone he communicates this idea to, never getting the opportunity to unleash itself upon the world in its full glory, never to impact upon it or be fully enjoyed by others.

Executing the idea is where the value gets added. Characters are fleshed out, rules and mechanics are established, settings are grown and nurtured from nascent seedlings of creative energy. This is where the creator’s SKILL is involved, as opposed to the natural talent that formed the concept. Skill is the part of the process where we creators can be proudest of our travails, for it is our hard work, dedication and time that sculpts the idea from formation to finish. Skill is where we show how committed we are to the art, where we show how much we have practiced, observed and achieved.

Executing the idea is how we are able to reach a wider audience; It is not enough to tell a rough outline to somebody else for them to truly appreciate it. They need to interact with it somehow. For stories, it is experiencing the lives of the characters and their growth throughouth. For games, it is getting the better of the mechanics and triumphing against a challenge. For art, it is soaking in the emotions invested in the image, and absorbing the message behind it.

Executing the idea is why creators exist in the form they do today. It is nobody’s job to simply sit and spout ideas: Hell, anyone can do that. There are probably in the creative arts only a very few people who are able to create without actually executing their vision; These are the people who employ ghost-writers and the like, and their contribution is to be questioned, and legitimately. Of course, argument can be made for series creators and the like, but even they tend to write or produce. Execution lends real purpose to the creator, by focussing their discipline into adding to their work, and makes them think about the value and appeal of what they are committing to some shape or form.

Anyway, if you couldn’t tell, I’ve got a new idea 😛 I just need time and patience before I can execute it. I should probably clear up all the other stuff before it first, too! So much to be done, and so little time/resource/support. Nevermind what the realists say, sometimes it’s pretty tough being a creator.