Morning all!

Unfortunately it’s been a bit of a wet weekend, and as such we didn’t get to see Batman: The Dark Knight Rises since nobody was all that keen on swimming to the cinema. So America and anyone else who gets films after the UK: I think we can call this one a draw 😛

Anyway, I wanted to see if you guys had any insight, as readers and some of you as fellow creators: I have an idea for a short comic, which I believe has the capability to become quite popular (It’s a cute little four-page funny, about a kid who is a 10-year old tortured artist, his doomed escapades and how he gets through it with tea and kisses from his beloved muse).

Now, after writing the script (Which will take me a week or two) I could put this together in 3 weeks. However, this means disrupting the flow of the work on my graphic novel, of which I am working on page 32 of 80. Originally, I had intended on getting the graphic novel finished in time for November, but this is now actually impossible. At my current rate of work, I could finish Lemon Candies, the graphic novel, in early December and have it released just before Christmas. If I delayed it by producing Ludwig & Lucia, the short, I would be able to finish it in 3 weeks and have it released by the end of July.

So which do you think would be a better idea? To carry on producing Lemon Candies as-is, or to take some time out to produce Ludwig & Lucia which would allow me to get another print item out on sale?

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Your input is always valued!

In other news, Civ 5: Gods and Kings is awesome, go buy it. Seriously. And, I might just have a competition up my sleeve in the near future…

Catch you all later!