Blimey, this is the 500th page I’ve drawn for Elf Blood! Quite an achievement, by any stretch of the imagination, I’d say! And I’d definitely say that I’ve improved! Seriously, go back to those first few pages. Heck, go back a year, two years ago! My artwork is definitely much tighter, more detailed, and much more consistent! I’m thrilled that I’ve gotten this far – I must admit, there have been a few times when I seriously considered abandoning the comic.

But you guys, you keep me coming back. Nothing gives me more of a thrill than hearing from you in the comments, of seeing you get involved in a story and knowing that you’re out there enjoying my daft little webcomic. I’m so glad you’ve stuck with me, and I hope you’ll be around for the next 500 pages!

I know that Elf Blood’ll never make me rich or famous – but it helps me practice my illustration and my storywriting, which might do! More and more, I do it because I love the universe I’ve created, and I love writing the characters that I’ve developed over these last few years. I’m proud of my creation, and of my discipline in creating it to schedule. And I’m especially proud of my constant quest to improve, and the achievements I’ve accomplished along the way.

Thanks for reading, guys – I’ll be here, churning out pages, as long as you still want ’em!