Aloha troops! As the post title indicates, I have a query to ask of you. But first! Some background. I’m heading back down to Manchester briefly soon, and due to terrible foresight and planning, I’m going to have to make one of the upcoming Elf Blood pages a pinup (which takes less time to illustrate than a full page).

Normally I just pick a character and illustrate them wearing or doing something interesting, but this time, since I know in advance that I’ll need to do one, I thought I’d offer you guys the chance to let me know what you’d like to see in that one-off illustration! Is there a character, or maybe a couple of characters you enjoy seeing interacting? Somebody that you’ve not seen in a while, and would be interested in seeing how my evolved art-style will render them? A character who’s been killed off, but whom you quite liked and wouldn’t mind seeing again?

Do let me know in the comments, please! I promise I’ll bring you back a sketch or two from my Manchester trip (it’s a holiday this time, not business, so I get to go around and do what I like and meet up with fantastic people).

Cheerio for now! And I’m particularly glad it’s the first of December tomorrow, as I will be taking the safeties off my Christmasiness 😀 FESTIVITIES FOR ALL! … IN 24 HOURS!