I sorely regret not getting into this the first time around. What with Better Call Saul being lauded left, right and centre, I thought I’d actually get round to watching Breaking Bad so that I could eventually get on to watching Better Call Saul.

Even before I actually started watching it, I was pretty impressed. I see a good number of X-Files alumni on the staff – Vince Gilligan clearly knows quality when he’s worked with it. And then there’s the story – the characters develop nicely, I get real emotion from them, the storylines are interesting and the drama is broken up with enough humour to be entertaining and gripping. It’s tense, it’s heartbreaking, and above all it’s very, very likeable. Yeah, there’s loads of bad people doing bad things (and more than a few good people doing bad things) but they’re given sufficient characterisation to be interesting, engaging, even occasionally relatable people.

Right, I’m off to do some pastel painting. And… Maybe watch a bit more Breaking Bad. WHY IS IT AS ADDICTIVE AS THE DRUGS IT DEPICTS???

Because it’s awesome. That’s why.

See you Monday, when I no doubt will be clear through onto Season 4!