I’m sure I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m a big fan of the Marble Hornets web video series. I’ve recently developed a craving for found-footage horror again, so I thought I’d dip into the other main players in the Slenderverse. I’ve gotta say, there’s a LOT of creativity out there! I’m up to date on EverymanHYBRID and  TribeTwelve, and I’m working my way through DarkHarvest00. I’m really enjoying how they’re all connecting together, which is something that wasn’t present in the otherwise-excellent Marble Hornets series.

What I love about the Slender Man Mythos is its ability to transfer the terror directly to YOU, the viewer. After an extended binge on the entirety of a Slendervlog’s contents, who hasn’t leaped at the slightest bit of static, or distortion? You begin to look out the window, juuuust in case there IS someone standing there in the darkness… You begin to wonder if it truly is drama, or if there isn’t something there after all…

That there is the real power of Creepypasta. It’s almost mundanity, and the lack of pomp, circumstance, and special effects. The low budgets force the filmmakers to focus on the storytelling and the atmosphere, which often renders them vastly scarier than mainstream horror films. A lot is left to the imagination in fleeting glimpses and darkened corridors, and there is nothing more frightening than the fear you generate for yourself.

Apparently the Marble Hornets folks (who are doing pretty well for themselves I hear, and deservedly so) have another found-footage style web video series, Clear Lakes 44 or something like that? Once I’m done getting updated with Dark Harvest, I’ll definitely be giving that a look.

Though this weekend, I might just avoid addictive entertainment altogether 😛 I’ve got a submission to compile and a deadline to meet!

Enjoy, and I’ll catch you on Monday! Cheerio!