Hey guys! Welp, it’s been a great Canadian adventure for me, but it’s time to come home, and hopefully be left alone long enough to get Bonnie Words and horror Buffet #1 off to print, and to work on my other new material!

Anyhoodle, with this sticker, I was trying to do something else, just something that didn’t necessarily have a message, just something that was cool, combining aspects of mosh/goth/emo/scene, guys that girls I know find attractive, and guys that I find attractive, with the overall aim of designing something that might look good on the cover of somebody’s notebook, or on the side of an amp, or on a guitar case.

I’m thinking that the inked style will be very dramatic, with wide line variances, thick, bold outlines, and powerful, strong colours to REALLY stand out and punk things up a bit. Might do some research, get a palette together. Might even change some of the lines to be more angular.

Again, your thoughts very much appreciated!